Anywhere, USA

"Andrew 'Bo' Brown was Muddy's driver and valet. He was a big, dark-skinned guy that liked to act mean. Bo would drink gin while he was driving. He said it kept him awake. He'd take a long swig of gin and say, "Ooh, I see the moon and the moon see me. Hah! God bless the moon and God bless me." Then he'd turn around and say, "Wake-up! Y'all sleeping' while I'm trying to drive." 

At that time, Muddy was booking himself. We were zigzagging across the country: DC to LA, Chicago to Texas. One time we had to go from New York to Montreal, Canada. And there's, like, a straight route all the way up, right? Bo didn't know the way, so he went by way of Buffalo! Four hundred miles out the way. Stuff like that would happen. We'd miss towns. Some of the guys in the band couldn't read....everybody carried a gun."