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Bob Dylan

Muddy Waters, Bob Dylan and Paul Oscher 
At the Bottom Line in NYC in 1975
Photo:  Willard Strandberg Jr.

There is an interesting story behind it - I was playing the week long gig with Muddy as a piano…

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Hubert Sumlin

Heres a pic of Hubert Sumlin and a little story to go with it.  I met Hubert at the airport one time and he was wearing the suit in the photograph but with no shoes just striped socks. I said…

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The Days Inn

This is a piece of blues history.  Gainesville, Florida meant alot to Muddy Waters.  I've been staying here in between gigs on my south east tour.  In around 1977 Muddy Waters met his soon to be wife at this…

St. Louis

"We used to play this place in St. Louis called the Moonlight Lounge. I remember the first time we went down there. We pulled up at the hotel and all these prostitutes on the corner started shouting 'Muddy Waters Band…

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"I remember one time in East Texas we were going in someplace to sit down and get a bite to eat. And the whole place just got quiet. It was a white roadside place. It just got so quiet. Six…

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Anywhere, USA

"Andrew 'Bo' Brown was Muddy's driver and valet. He was a big, dark-skinned guy that liked to act mean. Bo would drink gin while he was driving. He said it kept him awake. He'd take a long swig of gin…

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The South

"The year was 1968, before Martin Luther King was assassinated, before the Watts and Chicago riots. The country was in turmoil, fighting the Vietnam War and the war for Civil Rights in the South. The times were changing. 


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One afternoon, I was hanging out across the street with guitarist Pee Wee Madison. This woman came home from work, and I said 'Hey, Barbara, what's happenin?' Next thing you know this guy comes out of the doorway and says…

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